Nils Hommel 

Born in 1981 in Germany, studied engieneering and wrote his diploma thesis on room acoustics.
As an art autodidact, he experiments with the aliveness of objects and reflects their inner relationship between matter and spirit.

Inspired by searching this inner vitality of objects, he takes different points of view, such as interaction between a human beeing and an object or – its reaction to the medium of light and sound. Driven by manipulating the object’s construction, structure and texture, its inner vitality happens while investigating the essentiality of materials.

The appearance of coincidence tranfered from nature into art installations – is an important topic to his work. Both during the creation process of a work of art and later, while a finished object “is in operation”.
Different types of objects and their correspondence are examined, composed and invented. For example based on living and dead trees, plants, cars, furniture, concrete, stones, robots, haze, tools, carpets and entire rooms.
Environment and objects merge into sculptural and partially animated installations.

The artist uses sounds he produces in his own recording studio and mixes these, in some works, with the inherent sound of an installation. In addition to sound, light is another key tool to the art of Nils Hommel. In earlier works, he often dealt with photography of light and space.

Since last year, he concentrated on converting his grandparents´ house into a walk-in art project called:

“Das Haus Gerät 1739/5000”

NilsHommel Artworks


1981年にドイツで生まれ, 工学を学び卒業論文では室内音響学について書く。